Lockdown Cooking

I’m compiling a series of easy and useful recipes for the coming weeks. I’ve already been isolated for a week and I’m aiming to reduce the frequency of food shopping trips. These recipes aim to use inexpensive ingredients with a long shelf life if stored correctly.

I’ve tried to give credits to authors where due, especially if straight out of a recipe book, but many recipes were copied out into my notebook without any extra information. Most of the recipes here have been adapted, not least to substitute easier-to-find ingredients or adjust quantities to more practical amounts. I usually cook for 2 – 4 people and freeze often.

Day 1 of Lockdown 25th March 2020

I seem to have 6 tins of chickpeas in my cupboard, time to find a good recipe!

Chick Pea and Tomato Curry


Day 2 of Lockdown 26th March 2020

Packs of boiled beetroot and salad cheese are inexpensive and last for quite a while in the fridge. Try buying parsley seeds online and sowing them in pots for the house.

Beetroot and Feta Salad


Day 3 of Lockdown 27th March 2020

Make this ahead for fun times. Jam, butter, cream, honey, chocolate are all optional.

Edit: you can substitute 1/2 the volume of milk for water.

American Pancakes


Day 4 of Lockdown 28th March 2020

I imagine a lot of people have a pack of cous cous in the store cupboard left over from last year’s summer BBQs. Now seems like a good time time to use it up with high protein store cupboard items like nuts and seeds plus any bits of veggies, salad and herbs you have around. You can also use small pieces of dried apricots or raisins in list 1 of this recipe. Another possibly healthful  tip is that you can put fresh, crushed garlic in list 3 and add it at the end.

Couscous with Titbits


Day 5 of Lockdown 28th March 2020

~~~Warning! Be very careful when the hot caramel starts to bubble, don’t get burnt!~~~

This recipe smells amazing and is based on how much butter you actually have, not a particular amount. The magic is that equal amount of butter and sugar (1:1) make toffee, then if you add the same amount of golden syrup as well (1:1:1) you get a softer caramel. Then just add less unhealthy stuff to it. The resulting flapjacks can be stored for a week in an airtight container but they won’t last that long.

Caramel Flapjacks


Day 7 of Lockdown 30th March 2020

Why am I telling you how to make a cheese sandwich? Mainly to utilise the wild garlic (ramsons) or leeks that are growing wild at the moment and taste delicious, plus the lovage that accidentally grew in my garden and tastes like celery.

Tomatoes, if kept carefully, can last a few weeks in the fridge so although out of season I think they are a useful thing to buy at the moment. Same goes for apples (Cox or Braeburn).

We have been freezing sliced bread and taking a few slices out when needed. I’ve also been buying German-style dark rye bread in packs because it has a really long shelf life. It’s bitter but I like it.

Cheese Sandwich with Fresh Bits


Day 8 of Lockdown 29th March 2020

This recipe can be used with any fruit you have saved in the freezer and also with tinned peaches instead of apple.

Apple Crump


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